Jogja Gendlea (I have never been to Japan) Golden Hut


These images were made during my residency at Red Gate, around the time of Olympics 2008. Migrant workers had to leave the city, pollution was being minimized and nationalism was high. These paintings were made using materials purchased in a village called Beigao, just outside of Beijing, and the colours reflect the common palette of commercial advertising in the area. Initially constructed as a kind of diary, on a long roll of canvas, the four paintings, "Radiate", "Mediate", "Moving" and "Going Nowhere" dealt with the rapid industrialization and construction in Beijing and its possible effects. Constructed like a puzzle, I was interested in the idea of how a small part can affect the whole. A sophisticated place with much depth and energy, i felt quite familiar with the culture and yet very much a foreigner despite my Chinese heritage. A couple people identified me as a foreigner, just through my body language. Later in 2012, the painting "Moving" was shown in the exhibition, "Left, Right" in Beijing, curated by Austro Sino Program.