Blandness II Counting the waves - install shot


COUNTING THE WAVES (STILLE WASSER) Christine Cheung Exhibition, Schnittstelle August 22- 29, 2020 This exhibition/open studio contains a selection of works. Made during a month long residency in Neustrelitz under the theme of Water. The results are various fragments gathered using a flexible process emulating certain characteristics of water. The works shown included video, photographs, watercolours, paintings, drawings, ceramic, text and monotypes along with using found objects. The works of others are included, as part of a dialogue about water during the residency. The exhibition itself takes place at the Schnittstelle, in the train station, Neustrelitz, which is a place of transient movement, where visitors flow in and out of the city. The works exhibited come out of a dialogue with the local community as well as research into Eastern and Western philosophy, and German and English literature.