MFA, Faculty of Fine Arts, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (Halifax, Canada)


BFA, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Calgary (Calgary, Canada)

BA, Faculty of Humanities, University of Calgary (Calgary, Canada)



2016 The Things Between Us, Sonntag, (Berlin, Germany)

The Long Blank, Duga Praznina. Galerija Blok, (Belgrade, Serbia)

2014 The Long Blank, Trondheim kunstmuseum, (Trondheim, Norway)


On Waiting: Works on Paper, Gallery CON.form Architects (Berlin, Germany)

Works on Paper, Christiansand Kunstforeningen (Kristiansand, Norway)


Recent Work, Struts Gallery (Halifax, Canada)

Elsewhere, Glenbow Museum (Calgary, Canada)


Dilarang, Jogja National Museum (Jogjakarta, Indonesia)

Neither Here nor There, LandymoreKeith Gallery (Toronto, Canada)


The Worrying Trail, The New Gallery +15 Window Space (Calgary, Canada)


The Eye Made Quiet, LandymoreKeith Gallery (Toronto, Canada)

The Things Left, Anna Leowens, Gallery (Halifax, Canada)




Performance, as part of You are Not Alone. Curated by Enoch Cheng, Oi! gallery. (Hong Kong)

Non plus ultra minus multiverse. Curated by Antje. Kunstraum Tapir. (Berlin, Germany)

Transformacije. Blok Gallery, (Belgrade, Serbia)


In the Work, curated by Øyvind Sørfjordmo and Mikael Jacobsson. Atelierhof Kreuzberg, (Berlin, Germany)

Online eating/Oodles of Noodles. DRY TIDE collective. Globial Alien Dinner Party. Galerie im Turm. (Berlin, Germany)

A line began. tête. (Berlin, Germany)


Drawing Show II: Connecting Dots, curated by Yujin Lee, LeRoy Neiman Gallery, Columbia University, (New York, USA)

Dutch Courage, curated by Janine Eggert, Marte Kiessling, Philipp Ricklefs und Christopher Sage, 48 Studen Neukölln (Berlin, Germany) 

Mimmo Catania/Christine Cheung, (two-person), curated by Kay Thoss. (Berlin, Germany)

Drawing Show II: Connecting the dots, curated by Yujin Lee, (Berlin, Germany)


DRY TIDE, Rosenthalerstrasse 71, (Berlin, Germany)

No Time to Fall Down, with Michael Kilian Wagner and Philip Hausmeier, Kreuzberg Pavillion, (Berlin, Germany)

 It’s About Time, curated by Kosta Tonev,  at Quartair and Time/Bank, Den Haag (The Hague, Netherlands) 

Invisible Drawings: GREY AREA, Performance with Natalie Adams (UK), Arianna Rodeghiero (IT) and WOOGURU (KR). L'atelier - kunst(spiel)raum, (Berlin, Germany)

Invisible Drawings: GREY AREA, Performance with Natalie Adams (UK), ]performance space [, (London, UK)

Aus der Hölle in Den Himmel, Musterzimmer, (Berlin, Germany)


Left and Right- 左右-  links und rechts, curated by Lukas Birk and Karel Dudesek. Austro Sino Arts Program 4th Annual Exhibition. (Beijing, Hangzhou, China)

Art Boom 20/20, Calgary Chinese Cultural Centre. (Calgary, Canada)

Dwelling in Possibilty, Site Specific group show. (Berlin, Germany)

Commonalities, Altes Finanzamt. (Berlin, Germany)

Refugium, Die Arbeit (Berlin, Germany)

Apocalypse Now Now, curated by NowNowNowProjects. (Glasgow, UK)

Ex-Girlfriends in the Age of Drones, curated by Linda Green (Una Tittel). Naherholung Sternchen, (Berlin, Germany)

As part of the collection at Trondheim kunstmuseum. (Trondheim, Kunstmuseum).


Screaming from the Mountain: Landscapes and Viewpoints, with Cornelia Parker, Peter Fischli & David Weiss et al, curated by Pontus Kyander, Sørlandet Kunst Museum (Kristiansand, Norway)

A4, curated by Una Tittel, Das Gift (Berlin, Germany)

Hilfsaktion für Japan, Japanisch-Deutsches Zentrum Berlin (JDZB) (Berlin, Germany)

Outline, Meredith Keith Gallery (Toronto, Canada)

The Arranged Marriage, curated by Kate Hers and Thomas Arnold, Smartloft (Berlin, Germany)

Permanent collection, Sørlandet Art Museum (Kristiansand, Norway)


Life Forms, Meredith Keith Gallery (Toronto, Canada)

Today is Tomorrow, (three person), with Yuan Shun and Kexin Zang, curated by Vera Wu, Gallery CON.form

Architects (Berlin, Germany)


At Variance, (three-person),with Beth Howe and Marcy Adzich, Truck Gallery (Calgary, Canada) Virtual tour.

Early Work, with Eric Cameron, Chris Cran and others, Trianon Gallery (Lethbridge, Canada)

RootSoilBlossom, curated by Catherine Chan. Chinese Cultural Centre (Calgary, Canada)

Faculty Exhibition, Nickel Arts Museum (Calgary, Canada)

10th Anniversary Gala and Art Auction, Centre A (Vancouver, Canada)


Hen Bao Le (two-person), with Ulrike Johannsen, Beigao Studio, Red Gate Residency (Beijing, China)

Faculty Show, The Little Gallery, University of Calgary (Calgary, Canada)

Hide and Seek, LandymoreKeith (Toronto, Canada)

Mysterious Stokes, (two-person) with Nazia Preema Andaleeb, Minimal Gallery (Chiang Mai, Thailand)


Fissure, curated by Peter Morgan. Untitled Gallery (Calgary, Canada)

Surrounded, LandymoreKeith Gallery (Toronto, Canada)


Tangle, Rectangle Design (Calgary, Canada)

40th Anniversary Alumni, group exhibition, Mezzanine Gallery (Calgary, Canada)

New Moon Festival, Ross Creek Gallery (Wolfville, Canada)

MFA group exhibition, Anna Leowens Gallery (Halifax, Canada)




Alberta Foundation for the Arts - Individual Project Grant


Alberta Foundation for the Arts - Individual Project Grant


Public commission - City of Calgary


Canada Council for the Arts - Individual Visual Arts Project Grant


Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Emerging Artist Award

Alberta Foundation for the Arts - Visual Arts Project Grant


Joseph Beuys Scholarship


D.L Stevenson Award in Painting



2013 Invisible Drawings: GREY AREA, with Natalie Adams (UK), Arianna Rodeghiero (IT) and WOOGURU (KR). L'atelier - kunst(spiel)raum. (Berlin, Germany)


AIR Kristiansand Agder Kunstnersenter (Kristiansand, Norway) 


AIR Krems, (Krems, Austria)

Struts Gallery (Sackville, Canada)


Jogja Museum (Jakarta Indonesia)

Red Gate (Beijing, China)

Compeung Artist-in-Residence (Compeung, Thailand)




Art and identity workshop with elementary students at Highwood Elementary, (Calgary, Canada)

Studio visits with Takt artist residency, ongoing since 2015, (Berlin, Germany)


Workshop. Kulturni Centar Tipola, (Lipovac, Serbia)

Discussion. Future of Artists? Amateur and/or Professional?  as part of City of Drift. By Hyeseung Jung.  Wreck City. (Calgary Canada)


Artist talk, Trondheim kunstmuseum (Trondheim, Norway)

ArtofAct Workshop, (Lipovac, Serbia)

2013 Workshop with Natalie Adams (UK), Invisible Drawings: GREY AREA, L'atelier - kunst(spiel)raum  (Berlin, Germany)


Presentation, Trending Topics, Let’s Twist Again Symposium, Centre A (Vancouver, Canada) 

Artist talk, Agder Kunstnersenter (Kristiansand, Norway)

Guest Lecture, Pathshala - South Asian Institute of Photography (Dhaka, Bangladesh)


Artist talk, AIR Krems, (Krems, Austria)

Artist talk, Struts Gallery (Sackville, Canada)

Workshop, Invisible Drawings, Struts Gallery (Sackville, Canada)

Artist talk, Truck Gallery (Calgary, Canada)


Artist talk, Jogja National Museum (Jogjakarta, Indonesia)

Artist talk, Tajeon Christian International School (Tajeon, Korea)

Panel Discussion. RootSoilBlossom, Chinese Cultural Centre (Calgary, Canada)



2014         DRY TIDE, with Yotaro Niwa, Hye-Seung Jung and Andrea Weber at Le6B, (St. Denis, France)

2013         DRY TIDE, with Yotaro Niwa and Hye-Seung Jung at Rosenthalerstrasse 71 and Garden Party, (Berlin, Germany)

2012         Dwelling in Possibilty, Site Specific group show. (Berlin, Germany)

2009         Co-curated with Kim Neudorf and Jane McQuitty. Early Work, group show Trianon Gallery (Lethbridge, Canada)



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Art Acquisition by Application