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The Gap Between Islands
Everyday Gestures
The Things Between Us
The Long Blank / Duga Praznina
The Long Blank
Book for Forgetting II & III
As Is
Norsk Landscape
Dhaka Days
Kingdom of Thai/ Jogja Gendlea
Halifax Nights
Invisible Drawings: GREY AREA (Performance)
Invisible Drawings (workshop)

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Combining ambient and electronic sounds with minimal paintings and images, Cheung and Spanguolo invite festival goers to slow their viewing pace with pieces alongside this year’s documentary festival. Installed in the inter-space where filmgoers and festival - goers meet, Cheung’s paintings offer a moment of repose, on physicality before viewing the screen. The paintings changed daily. Presented in the church theatre, their collaboration, Expanse, is a two part sound and slide installation. The pieces were shown after viewers had finished a day of watching films, offering a space of contemplation. The indeterminacy, tactility and quietude of the work can be seen as a resistance against the fast consumption of images and media. Through a variety of works that relate to one another and our surroundings, the work reveals the fluidity of identity.