Striped Pose The Long Blank / Duga Praznina
The Gap Between Islands (exhibition)
Expanse | Weite
The Gap Between Islands (video work)
Everyday Gestures
The Things Between Us
The Long Blank / Duga Praznina
The Long Blank
Book for Forgetting II & III
As Is
Norsk Landscape
Dhaka Days
Made in Beijing 北京
Kingdom of Thai/ Jogja Gendlea
Halifax Nights
Invisible Drawings: GREY AREA (Performance)
Invisible Drawings (workshop)

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Solo exhibition, Blok Gallery, May 22-27, 2015 Material research of Blok 70, the Chinese mall in relation to its surroundings in New Belgrade, an area known for its Brutalist style architecture. In collaboration with Milos Dobric, the video work, Walking That Walk makes comparisons between similar Brutalist style architecture.