Christine Cheung is a Canadian artist living in Berlin. 

Her works range from paintings, like her Everyday Gestures series, where she creates pencil crayon drawings, collages and watercolours which often reference art history to collaborations like Invisible Drawings: Grey Area, involving calligraphic water on concrete in urban landscapes to found object installations which explore the relationship of memory and tactile, physical experiences. Combining these, Cheung's work play with emptiness, allowing the viewer a space to imagine and forget/remember.

Her work has been shown internationally, from Hong Kong To Canada, and her work is part of the permanent collection of the Sørlandet Art Museum in Norway. She has been featured on CBC Radio, The Globe and Mail and Kunst magazine. Among her solo exhibitions, Cheung has had shows at the Trondheim Kunstmuseum in Trondheim, Norway. Her video art has been exhibited at the DokumentArt European Film Festival in Germany.

Cheung recently completed a residency at Nida Art Colony, Lithuania, and at No-Mu residency in Kameoka, Japan.  She has completed residencies in China, Portugal, Norway, Thailand, Indonesia and Austria, among others.

Born and raised in Calgary, Cheung is a recipient of the Joseph Beuys Scholarship at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Canada and numerous grants and awards, including those from the Canada Council of the Arts. 

Her work tries to exemplify the act of letting go, or something quite like it.